Join your local architects and building professionals for a Saturday of FUN and SANDCASTLES at Coligny Beach Park.  The contest begins at noon with judging at 4:00 pm and winners announced at 4:30 pm.  Pre-registration is not necessary, just bring your family, friends, buckets and shovels!

For more information download the contest information page below, or send us your questions using the contact form at the bottom of this page.  See you there!


This contest is all about family fun, but here are a few tips for those with that competitive edge.

Have a plan before starting. Pack your sand very hard and use LOTS of water. Use mounds or stacks of very wet sand then carve out the shape you want. Use deep cuts and features to add detail to the sculpture.

As to theme: of course architectural themes are encouraged, but any seaside theme can win. Try to convey story in one pose – like a one panel comic strip. Combine many different ‘icons’ into a collage instead of having one large element [i.e. carve a reef theme instead of a fish].

For more tips or Google sand castle tips or tutorials or videos: Check out

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